1 - Full Game Team Totals are now allowed for this contest.  This will increase the amount of pushes we have so please take that into account.  If you require a full point to move on and you take a play that could push (and it pushes) that is on you.  Be strategic. 

2 - Once a game is posted (with current odds) is written in stone.  Even if the starting pitcher gets switched your play still stands.  This might work for you or against you sometimes but no take backs.  Sorry with a contest this large to try and navigate the waters of "That play shouldn't count as the pitcher was switched" just gets way too complicated. 

Welcome to the @TheSharpPicks 2018 MLB Team contest.  Thanks to our very generous sponsor @TheSharpPicks we have a $500 prize pool.  PLEASE read through these rules very carefully as well as the Q&A at the bottom.  Not reading the rules could result in losses and we don’t want that:)

Thanks to our Sponsor @TheSharpPicks here is the payout breakdown:

1st: $200.00*
2nd: $100.00*
3rd: $75.00*
4th: $50.00*
5th: $25.00*

Longest Win Streak: $50.00*

*All payouts will be this amount LESS any paypal fees.  All payouts will be sent Via PayPal

This contest is a bit of a survivor style so please read carefully.

It is each cappers responsibility to check this google sheet and make sure I have made no mistakes beside your name.   If I make a mistake and you don’t catch it that my friend is on you. So check often!! I will payout all the winners 5 days after the last day.  This will give everyone time to make sure there were no mistakes. DM me if I have made any mistakes (and I will make a few….I always do) HERE IS THE LINK TO THE GOOGLE SHEET

Here are the rules:

-Each capper has to pick “their team” to bet on or against all season long.  You can change your team at anytime up until the start of the season but after that your choice is set in stone.

-All your plays (for this contest) must be on or against your team only.  If your team is the Jays (for example) you can only bet on the Jays or on the team playing the Jays (or the total on that game).

-Your plays can be either ML, RL (only 1.5 or -1.5) or Total.

-All plays are only Full game - no F5 plays.

-All plays must be -120 or lower (-120, -119, -118, etc) according to a reputable online book anyone can access.  So for example you can't use a line from your "local" or from some online book you must have a password to enter.   You must post the book you’re using along with the play so the line can be verified.

-No play -121 or higher will be accepted.

-A win will count as 1 point

-A Push will count as half a point

-A loss counts as zero points.

-Your odds must be current (within 5 minutes of time you post your play).  You can't post the line you got that morning.  People tailing have to be able to get that line also.

-All plays must be posted an hour before the scheduled pitch. 30 minutes to 1 hour before first pitch will be considered the gray zone.  I will accept maybe one or two in that time frame but if you come in under the 30 minute mark you might just take a loss. We will see how it goes but for real - get your plays in at least 1 hour early!  

-To post your play for this contest you need to include 4 things in the tweet:

Your play
Odds of your play
The book you got the odds from

For example your tweet might look like this:

Contest play:
Reds +1.5 -115  (Bet365)

(All plays will be RTed)

OK - So here is the survivor situation we have going:

Each month here is how many plays each capper gets:

April: 3
May: 4
June: 5
July: 5
Aug: 5
Sept: 5

Each capper will be eliminated at the end of each month unless they have at least this many points:

End of April: 1
End of May: 3
End of June: 5
End of July: 8
End of Aug: 11

So for example if at the end of July you only have 7.5 points you my friend are gonezo!!

Anyone can enter this contest so long as you are prepared to have your plays (for this contest) RTed by @GreenPicksFREE.  This means you must have an unlocked account. You can still be a tout but your plays for this contest must come from an account that is unlocked.

We only have 500 spots so you MUST DM me to get a spot.  Please also indicate what team you want as “your team”.

-I reserve the right to (at any time):
----Cancel this contest
----Change the rules of this contest without notice
----Make a decision on a play, a time, a line, etc.  I will make the best decision I can with the information I have.
----Kick anyone out of this contest for any reason
----Not pay out any money to anyone - especially the winners
----Keep all the money for myself and bet it all on red
----Disappear from twitter without notice.

I'm not even joking about the above - I make ZERO promises to anyone about anything.  That said I think everyone knows I’m as reputable as they come.  If for some reason I can’t continue with this contest I will either payout based on current standings or return the money to the sponsor.  In the event neither are possible I will give all funds to a kids charity.  If one of the prize winners still hasn’t communicated with me after 1 month from the end of the contest I reserve the right to give their prize to a charity of my choice.  I will make every effort to reach out to all the winners.

Please read the Q&A below

Q - So only 3 plays for April? What are you doing to us bro?  Why you teasing us?

A - Ah yes, we are rolling in a little slow but assuming we do reach capacity at 500 cappers that’s 1500 plays I have to keep track of in April.  There is always about 10% of entrants who just don’t show up, then I figure another 10% won’t get any plays correct and won’t move forward. I need to be able to “eliminate” a few cappers before moving forward.

Q - Why is this an elimination style?  Why not just let everyone roll to the end?

A - Great question.  Like I stated above I could never handle a contest this size if I let everyone go right to the end.  Also (and more important) I need to be able to officially cut the dead weight as we go. One of the most challenging things about these types of contests is dealing with all the cappers who have essentially quit but who are still “on the books”.  I kept the elimination scores low for a reason. Most of the cappers who are eliminated will probably be ones who would have quit (or faded away) anyways.

Q - So what if I post dogs, do I get anything extra for that?

A - No.  Unfortunately all plays are graded exactly the same.

Q - That is really stupid.  So you are telling me if I post all dogs vs someone who posts all -120 plays they will all count the same?  Why would you do that?

A - There are a few reasons for this.  First, I can’t get into arguments/drama over odds.  As soon as you get into odds it just opens up all kinds of arguments.  Also I don’t want some down and out capper posting some +320 odds hail Mary play, winning, and then bring right back in it.  That’s not what this is about.

Q - Can I make more than one play on the same game?  For example post a side and a total?

A - No.  Only one play per game

Q - But what if it’s the last day of the month and I still need to post 2 plays?

A - That my friend was poor planning.  

Q - So I get that a push is worth half a point but what if my game is postponed or cancelled?

A - If a game is cut early (called due to weather) there are situations where ML will pay out but books will never pay out a RL or Total play.  We will count the play by what all the major books would do. If you have a postponement/cancel on the last day of the month you will get that play back in the first 10 days of the following month.  That “make up” play will still count towards your past months elimination points total.

Q - If I know that I’m mathematically eliminated can I still post the rest of the play for that month?

A - You sure can.

Q - What’s this $50 streak payout all about?

A - Just what it sounds - After the contest is over I will look back and see who had the longest win streak.  The person with the longest win streak gets the $50.00 (less paypal fees). If there are more than 1 person with the same high streak we will construct a mini contest for the playoffs to determine the winner

Q - Does a push kill the streak?

A - No.  A push won’t count towards the streak but it will not kill it either.

Q - Can we do -/+ 1 RL or does it always have to be 1.5?

A - It has to always be 1.5 for the RL.  Can’t do - or + 1 sorry.

Q - So technically a capper could get eliminated but still win the streak?

A - That would be very unlikely but ya I guess that could happen.

Q - What if I post a play but then there is an injury and I don’t like that play anymore?

A - Once a play is posted (for better or worse) it is set in stone.

Q - What if I win the contest but then the sponsor doesn’t pay me?

A - Our Sponsor (@TheSharpPicks) already sent me the money so you don’t have to worry about that.

Q - What if you don’t send me the money?

A - Well then you are screwed.  But if I planned on keeping this money I would have already taken off with it.  I wouldn’t put the hundreds of hours I’m about to put into the contest only to at then end of it decide a few hundred dollars is more important than my reputation….at least I don’t think so:)

Q - What if I win (and I will) but I don’t use paypal?

A - I will do what I can to accommodate other options but in the end it will almost certainly be paypal.   If you can see that being a big issue this might not be the contest for you…..but I will certainly give your winnings to a charity of your choice (that take paypal).

Q - What if I get my play in on time but you don’t RT if until after the play has started?

A - It will still count.  Don’t worry about what time it’s RTed.  All that matters is what time you posted it.